Welcome to the Senior Crew Class of 2018 Friend Zone!

If you've made it to this webpage, then you must be a great friend of a
Class of 2018 Senior Crew chosen applicant! We're excited that you're here!!


So what is KNP's Senior Crew?!

Maybe you've heard about being a ‘Senior Rep’, ‘Spokesmodel’, or 'Senior Model' before...
but I can assure you, this is NOT a typical senior program!

This isn't a job, a time stealer or a sales gimmick.. the KNP Senior Crew is all about FUN and PHOTOS!

It's about a fun experience throughout your entire Senior Year and it changes
to provide Crew Members with the BEST experience possible that's different!

Interested? Then keep reading!

I LOVE working with Seniors because I loved being one myself! I absolutely LOVED that time in my life! In fact, I remember being a Junior and thinking, "This will be over next year..." and wishing I could put on the brakes! I was a social butterfly in high school and am still today! I love anything social and fun, so I'll go to great lenths to make sure that being a KNP Senior Crew Member is an EXTRAORDINARY experience for you!

The best part about having a new Senior Crew each year is that we build new friendships and have so much fun together! The journey starts in the middle of your Junior year and lasts during your ENTIRE Senior year.... and in most cases, has even lasted beyond graduation!

I have past team members that have formed such tight friendships that they're in the same sororities in college, two that are driving 2 hours to meet up for shopping and sleepovers, and others that attend the same school and never realized their future best friend was actually walking the same hallway!

This program is not just about having your Senior Portraits made.... it's a year-long journey that will be one of the most fun and rewarding things you'll ever do!

Who can be a KNP Senior Crew Member?
- Current JUNIORS.. Girls and Guys!
- Someone who is friendly, outgoing, confident, and creative!
- Someone who likes to give and serve your community!
- Someone who uses social media!
- Someone who likes having their picture taken! (You don't have to be a supermodel, but not hiding at the sight of a camera is a plus!)
- Someone who likes making new friends!
- Someone who likes being part of a group of people that are GENUINE and FUN!
- Someone who wants their Senior Portraits made by Karen Nicole Photography!
- Someone who wants to give input about the KNP brand, studio, and products!
- Someone who is excited to jump into your Senior Year!
- Someone that wants to be part of something extraordinary and fun in your Senior Year!!!
If any of these things sound like you, then you're a prime candidate to apply for the Class of 2018 KNP Senior Crew!!!

What are some of the perks of being a KNP Senior Crew Member?
- Multiple Mini & Group Photo Sessions! (A Group Mini-Session, a HUGE Themed Group Session in the late Spring and other fun 'pop up' sessions throughout the year!)
- Your own customized personal Senior Session! .......Shhhh! Senior Crew Only!
I'm not just talking about just 'hair and makeup'... I'm talking about special additions to your session that are YOURS... that are kept secret until your shoot is complete! Trust me on this one.. it's exciting!!
- Social media images to blow up your friends' feeds!
- Your very own custom Mobile App that can be shared with family and friends on all mobile devices to show off your images!
- Discounts on Senior Portrait Collections! (Your parents will love this one!)
- KNP Senior Crew t-shirt!
- New friendships with Senior Crew Members from other schools! (I LOVE watching new friendships form in our group! It's so fun!!)
- There are so many more things that can't be listed here, so you'll learn more at the Info Meeting!
- An amazing year-long experience that you'll never forget!

What are the requirements?
- Must be a current junior in the North Alabama or Southern Tennessee area, set to graduate with the class of 2018.
- Must be personable and genuine... basically, someone that everybody loves to be around.
- You and a parent must attend the Info Meeting in February.
- Must be available for the mini-session day in March and the HUGE group session in April 2017 (all other group and/or fun sessions are optional).
- Must be willing to sign a contract to represent Karen Nicole Photography exclusively from the time you sign on through graduation.
- Must pay a Senior Session retainer. This will be discussed at the Info Meeting (see the next question about the meeting). It won't break the bank and includes what you'd pay as a regular Senior client- except you get SOOOOOO much more! Please note: The session retainer does not include full resolution digitals, prints, or products.

What happens at the Info Meeting?
This is the time where I get to meet you and your parent(s), you'll have the opportunity to hear all the details about being on Senior Crew and make an informed decision about joining the KNP Senior Crew. Questions will be answered and you'll get to hear from past Senior Crew Members and Parents about their experiences! The Info Meeting will be held in February. (Meeting location, date and time will be released to chosen applicants.)

What's the selection process?
- Applications will be accepted through Friday, January 13th, then reviewed by Karen of Karen Nicole Photography.
- Applicants will be chosen and notified.
*If your application is chosen, you and a parent will be invited to attend the Info Meeting.


Friday, January 13th