Hey girlies!

Thanks for nominating your friends!

I hope you've enjoyed being a KNP Senior Model so far!

It's certainly not over yet, but it is time to start getting the Class of 2017 ready to go!

As you're nominating current Juniors, keep these things in mind:

Who is a KNP Senior Crew Member?
Current JUNIORS.. Girls and Guys!
Someone who is friendly, outgoing, confident, and creative!
Someone who likes to give and serve their community!
Someone who uses social media!
Someone who likes having their picture taken! (They don't have to be a supermodel, but not hiding at the sight of a camera is a plus!)
Someone who likes making new friends!
Someone who likes being part of a group of people that are GENUINE and FUN!
Someone who wants their Senior Portraits made by Karen Nicole Photography!
Someone who wants to give input about the KNP brand, studio, and products!
Someone who is excited to jump into their Senior Year!
Someone that wants to be part of something extraordinary and fun in their Senior Year!!!
If any of these things sound like someone you know, nominate them below!

Ready to nominate?!
GO! :)