I've photographed a ton of couples sessions over the years and they are always so much fun! For me, being in a room or a secluded place where I'm the only one with a couple in love is one of the greatest sights as a photographer. The 'new' doesn't wear off when true love is in their hearts.. even with couples that have been married for over 50 years!


An Engagement Session is, quite simply, a portrait session of you and your future spouse. Some clients want to fulfill a specific purpose - save the date cards, a wedding reception display, photos for a wedding website, portraits on their walls or simply just to share on social media to announce to the world that they're engaged! 


An Anniversary Session is a celebration of the love you and your spouse have been and will continue to share... Whether you've been married one year or fifty, there's never a bad time to celebrate your love for each other!


A "Just Because Session" is just that... just because you're in love! I've photographed couples that weren't engaged or married, simply because they wanted to be in beautiful photographs together!


I would be honored to shoot your engagement, anniversary or 'just because' session for you! Sessions start at $125 and will be tailored to your personal style: fun and frolic, dreamy and romantic, or even sexy and intimate.. let's chat about what your session would look like! Contact me via the contact page for more information!



I love weddings and even started out doing only weddings, but when I photographed my first senior in 2009 and then started Senior Crew back in 2013, I was hooked! They're the main focus of my business, so I only take a limited number of weddings each year because Seniors take up the majority of my time. That said, the first BIG step in booking KNP for your wedding day is checking the calendar.. contact me via the contact page to make sure your date is available!





If there's one thing I’ve learned from all the sessions and weddings I’ve photographed over the last several years is this: Getting great portraits has to be fun!


That's why I love it when the couple and I 'click'! Ok, bad pun.. but you know what I mean... I want my couples to have a great wedding day experience so it's my top priority to make sure that we're a perfect fit! I mean, let's face it.. I don't wanna deal with a bride-zilla and you don't want pictures that you don't like... especially when its of one of the most special days in your life! We'll be spending a lot of time together on the big day, so THE most important thing to me is that the couple that hires me likes my photographic style and personality over everything else! 


Just think, long after the cake is gone, the flowers have wilted and the decorations have been stored away (or sold!), you'll be able to look back at the gorgeous images taken that day and remember everything that happened amidst all the preparations and fun... Of all the things you'll purchase for your wedding, the photography is the ONE thing that will actually last! Not only will it be your reminder of the day, but your wedding album will be something you can pass down for generations to come! 


While it's certainly true that no two photographers possess the same skill, creativity and vision, it's also true that no two couples have the same needs and desires for their big day. Because of this, we can customize our services to match the needs of each couple. Our weekday elopement prices start at $599, however the average couple spends a little over $2500. Download the KNP Wedding Guide below to see pricing and more information.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting up to chat about your special day!!