Over the past 7 years in business I've been asked a lot of camera questions...


It always seemed that the questions were being asked while at a ball game or at an event where the pictures they wanted to take were important, but folks weren't getting what they wanted.. they couldn't understand why "AUTO" wasn't working 'automatically'.

And that's EXACTLY where I started!!

I wanted to take pictures of my kids playing sports, at school events, on Christmas morning, etc.. but it just wasn't working!

The final straw was one Saturday several years ago when I tried to take pictures at their basketball games.. I was so frustrated by the time I left their games that day, that I went home and scoured the internet for everything I could find about how to work my new camera.. I was on a mission!

Little did I know that I was re-igniting a fire that actually started when I was a little girl with my very first pink 110 film camera.
(I always thought it was so neat that I could click a button to capture a moment in time and then pick up my moments a couple of weeks later!)

Cameras and the photography industry as a whole have changed A LOT since my little pink camera days, but one thing that never changed was my amazement of how I can actually stop time... maybe its because I'm a mom of boys, but I like to call it my 'superhero strength'. ;)


I want to help you learn, but without all the hours of research on the internet!


So, are you feeling how I felt?

Frustrated and as if you're never going to learn how to use your camera?
Then you're in luck!

I've taught 3 beginner classes so far and I'm happy to say that my students left with a better understanding of these things and more:

What are all those buttons for?         When will I use them?         Why won't it do what I want it to do?
Why aren't my photos in focus?
         Why don't my pictures look how I want them to?         When and how do I use all these lenses?
When should I use my flash?         When should I use the M,A,S, and P settings?

Believe me, I know all the questions and frustrations that run through your mind because I had the same ones!
(and ^those^ aren't even ALL of them!)



Anyone 13 or older that wants learn more about their camera so they can take better photos!

Anyone that has a camera - whether its a 'big' camera, a 'point and shoot' camera, or even just the camera on your phone!

Honestly... if you've read this far, I have a feeling you may be like me and need someone to SHOW you what to do instead of reading the dang manual. 



We'll start out by going over all the buttons, what they'll do, camera functions, and some basic art applications... then about half-way through, a few of my Senior Crew will join us so we can practice what learned! I've laid out very easy to understand lessons, there will be plenty of time for Q&A, and then hands-on practice time so you can understand what your camera can do so you can take better photos -the same day


Your seat reservation includes:

- the 2 hour class,  
- a workbook you can take home so you can reference back,  
- refreshments,
-practice time with some awesome models, 

-AND it's not required, but I'd like to take YOUR photo! 

Why a picture of you?? Well, because I've found that most folks that like to take pictures rarely like to be in pictures, so I wanna change that for you! Don't feel as if you have to dress up or anything.. it will be a super casual photo that you can use on social media... or put it out in the garden this Spring! ;)



The next class will be held on Saturday, February 17, 2018 10am - noon in the Youth Center at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Hazel Green.



The cost of the class is $55 and is due by Saturday, February 10th so I can get everything lined up and ready!



All you have to do is click the link below to reserve your seat(s)!
(You can purchase more than one seat by changing the quantity of the number of seats you'd like to purchase.) 


If you can't make this one, but would like to be first to hear about the next one, jump on the VIP email list!