"This is what I was born to do!
I never thought having a job
could be so FUN!!"

I'm on a mission to make beautiful people actually
FEEL and SEE themselves as truly amazing!

There's nothing better than seeing the face of someone who never thought they could look as gorgeous as the person they're seeing on the back of my camera... It makes my day!

I always say that I wish I'd have paid attention to myself in high school... what I mean by it is that I was on the yearbook staff, taking foreign language, singing in chorus, taking art classes and getting in trouble for talking in class.. all of those things point to a career in the arts! Yes. even talking in class! ;)

I had no idea that being creative could be a "real job"! It took me way too long to figure it out.. so my mission with this business is not only to make people feel amazing in front of my camera, but also to live out my dreams AND help teens to realize theirs are possible early on!

I'm sure you've noticed by now that my specialty is High School Senior & Teen Portraiture.. I absolutely LOVE spending time with teens! I usually get a wonky face from adults when I say that, but I really do! Adults tell me they don't think they could do it and wonder if I'm sane or not... Well, let me tell you, its the most rewarding job I've EVER had... I LOVE hearing them say they had fun at the session and are ready to do it all over again!

I literally can't wait to photograph each and every person that steps in front of my lens.. I can't wait to photograph YOU!